Termination of hosting services
After years of being your partner regarding domain registrations and hosting services it has been decided that Plain IT will not longer engage those activities.
Welcome to Plain IT

Do you want a new website and you are using the latest techniques? Do you need reliable advice?

Then Plain IT is the right place for you to be. Plain IT is reliable. Plain IT is specialised in website development, maintenance and hosting without complications. With many years of substantial experience in this area can Plain IT help you get over your barriers. Plain IT is out there for you and to help you get started.

Plain IT is a versatile company that can deliver software solutions on both large and small scale. We are particularly specialized in the development of websites and Web applications, but we can also advise on other areas. We have extensive experience with e-business related projects involving back office integration, transaction-oriented features, where content management and database links play an important role.

If you want more information please fill in the contact form or send an e-mail to:


Please take a look at our portfolio to get an impression about the websites that we can deliver and the used techniques. Of course you can always contact us to get more information about the services we offer.

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